A Teleki Blanka Gimnázium Erasmus+ projektje

Erasmus+ project at Teleki Blanka Gimnázium

Welcome to our transformative project, dedicated to expanding our school’s international connections, fostering language proficiency among teachers, providing students with diverse cultural experiences, and promoting a mindset of sustainability for a globally conscious future.

Project number: 2023-1-HU01-KA122-SCH-000138209


International network
Language Skills
Cultural Awareness

This project will help to extend the school’s international relations network, to explore and experience the practices in different educational institutions in Europe. It is our aim to diversify and enrich the foreign language instruction by proving support and opportunities for the teachers to refresh their language skills, to establish further connections with colleagues from other countries with view to further collaboration.

Another objective is to provide chances for our students to experience international environment and study with students from different cultures with view to further development of foreign language competence, communication skills and cultural awareness.

We believe schools have paramount role and great responsibilty in the development of the young generations’ mindset and active attitude towards social and global issues. This project focuses on the importance of developing adequate attitude and everyday green habits which would contribute to sustainability.


This project aims to support the professional development of foreign language teachers, to contribute to the establishment of higher standards of education in our school. The teachers will get a chance to refresh and upgrade their educational practice and will be equipped with knowledge and tools to incorporate development of 21st century skills in their practice.

Furthermore, it is essential to offer the students chances to study and communicate together with students from different countries, this would boost their communication and cooperation skills and their self-confidence. By experiencing a different lifestyle and getting to know the heritage of a different culture students are certain to expand their horizons and gain a new mindset.

Another objectlive is to promote sustainable development goals and green skills: the project helps teachers acquire knowledge and educational materials to be able to plan lessons focussed on conscious development of green skills for everyday life.


Two Group mobilites of students are meant to foster students’ communication and cooperation skills, and raise their self-confidence. Kauhavan lukio, Finland will host a group of 12 students, and IES Cristobal Lozano, Spain will host 10 students. Students will have the chance to study together with the host school students, and participate in afternoon activites exploring the cultural heritage of the region and learning about practices to achieve sustainable development.

Two teachers will take part in Job-shadowing activites in France and Germany. In addition to refreshing foreign language and methodology, participants will explore the environmental strategies and everyday green practices of the host schools.

Two Teacher Training Courses will equip teachers with new ideas for the development of 21 century skills and for planning lessons around sustainable development and students’ green skills.

Student mobilities
Job shadowing
Teacher training